About IMCC

Just after the Nigeria University Games (NUGA) games of 2002 hosted by the University of Ibadan, the dream started with the idea of putting Ibadan on the “cricket map of the nation”. Apart from the quest for continual improvement, there was also the drive to showcase to the entire country that cricket in Ibadan was beginning to make its mark in its own way.

The Club was founded 1st of October 2005 in Ibadan Oyo state Nigeria with a vision to turn out great young man to champion a new course in the cricket circle in Nigeria.

The team consists of young and diligent professionals who grew up in the great city of Ibadan Oyo State Nigeria but have cut a niche for themselves in various sphere of the Nigeria society.

The Club has four members as its Trustee.

  • Mr. Okon Ukpong
  • Mr. Akinyemi Akinola
  • Mr. Adeyemo Mayowa
  • Mr. Odewumi Femi

History of Ibadan Metropolitan Cricket Club

The creation of the club was a nexus between few gentlemen who started their cricket life in Government College Ibadan and other who continued their cricket career in the University of Ibadan and others who started off in the university.

These few men have something in common, they enjoyed game amidst their friendship and they were all willing to contribute to the development and growth of the game in Oyo State and the country at large.

To drive their common goal, what they all needed was a common platform. This culminated to the formation and creation of the club. Ibadan Metropolitan Cricket Club having existed unregistered for a while and was officially registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission on the 27th of October 2011.

The club’s ground and secretariat is at the University of Ibadan Cricket oval whilst the club secretariat is 

Some of the Key objectives of the club are as listed;

  • To create an avenue for members to play the game, relax and bond.
  • To develop integration and fostering of cricket skills and personalities
  • To assist in the education and character development of younger players.
  • To support cricket education through teaching in schools and other avenues 

Find Out More About IMCC

Over the years we have helped develop many young cricket talents in Nigeria. The present national cricket captain (Joshua Ayannaike came through the ranks of this great club.

The Ibadan Easter cricket is a festival where the club welcomes every cricket lover to our home in Ibadan for two days of relaxed cricket.

Family Outreach

The Family outreach is a time where we invite friends and family to a day of BBQ and fun with a little time for cricket. It is a time we cherish as a family club.

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