Ibadan Metropolitan Cricket Club

Turning young great men and women into champions by:

  • Developing, integrating and fostering Cricket skills and personalities
  • Assisting in the education and character development of younger players.
  • Supporting cricket education through teaching in schools and other avenues.

About Us

IMCC is a club of young and diligent professionals who grew up in the ancient city of Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria; but have cut a niche for themselves in various spheres of the Nigerian society.

The Club was founded on 1st of October 2005 in Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria. With a sole vision of empowering great young men to champion a new course in the cricket circle in Nigeria.

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Financial Member

We need your help as a financial member to help us with our set objectives:

What we give you in return

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Our Achievements

One of our young players represented Nigerian U19 Cricket Team during the 2020/2021 Cricket Season. Also, we gained promotion into the CCC Lagos 1st Division.



During the 2019/2020 Cricket Season, 3 players represented Nigeria on the world stage after starting their cricket career with IMCC

At the conclusion of the 2014/2015 season of the Club Cricket Committee cricket season in Lagos, IMCC won promotion to play in the top division during the 2015/2016 cricket season.


Three of the second set of youths to join our ranks played a prominent role for Nigeria U19 cricket  team by qualifying for our first ever U19 Cricket World. They equally shone brightly in the world cup proper for Team Nigeria

Organising and sponsoring the annual Easter Cricket event in Ibadan Oyo state for over 10 years.

Supporting and sponsoring players education and examination fees.

Yearly youth development and mentorship program.

Joshua Ayannaike

National Team Captain

“IMCC is not just a cricket club it is a body, a close knit community created by a group of young visionaries with clearly defined values and goals tackling a major problem of young talent exposure and developments. The results over the years are clearly evident with many successful products with careers both on-field and off-field and I’m proud to associate myself with this body.”

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Our Board

The Club has four members as its Trustee

Team Manager

Akinyemi Akinola

Akinola is an experienced IT professional and currently works with Premium Pension Limited as the Head of IT & Operations, Lagos Zone. Akinola is a medium seam bowler and loves to bat in the middle order. Won the 1999 NNPC southwest regional championships with GCI. 

founding member

Odewumi Olufemi

Femi Is a Digital analytics consultant based in the United Kingdom, medium pace bowler and an integral member of the University of Ibadan Bronze and silver winning team in the 2001 and 2002 NUGA games.

founding member

Okon Ukpong

Okon is a chartered stockbroker. In his playing days he captained the national team that won all games that year [1987], including MCC. In retirement from cricket he coached the national team and spent time developing talents.

founding member

Mayowa Adeyemo

Mayowa is a legal practitioner in Lagos, Nigeria and a founding member of IMCC. Mayowa was part of the bronze winning University of Ibadan team at the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria NUGA games in 2001 and the silver winning vice captain at the University of Ibadan NUGA games in 2002.

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What the cricket community is saying about IMCC

I am impressed about the coming together of this brotherhood and their contributions to the development of cricket at large with immense focus on youth development. Apart from FCC, this is the second largest gathering of cricketers and friends who have been together from early school days but most importantly, united by the great city of Ibadan. Keep up the great work.
Tayo Atoloye
Vice Chairman Oyo State Sports Council.
IMCC a conglomeration of real gentlemen, have over the years shown a consistency of being amongst the most sustainable player funded clubs that have kept the game of competitive cricket in the front burner and thus cricket alive in Nigeria. I believe that soon as clubs like IMCC get sponsorship, Nigerian cricket will improve not only domestically but international.
Peters "Manny" Ekiejare
Chairman, Club Cricket Committee, Lagos
IMCC a club of young minds and young individuals who have set up the club and kept the club running till date. One of the clubs I admire in the Lagos CCC League. The sky's the stepping stone for the club as they seem to steer in the right directions, having a brilliant mind to keep the ship sailing. This is one of the clubs that will stay in the league and stay relevant in the Lagos cricket circle for a very long time.
Austin Areghan
Chairman Lagos ACUSN

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